The action reads the text supplied to the caller. It is useful for text that is difficult to pre-record. The gender and language in which the text will be read is customizable.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- All responses must contain the Response element -->
  <Say>Welcome to ABC company customer support service</Say>

Action Attributes

VoiceThis attribute specifies the voice to use. You can get the possible list of values on Google’s Text-to-Speech supported voices here.
loopThe attribute loop specifies the number of times a text is to be repeated. If loop is set to 0, the text will be continuously repeated until the call is terminated. Default behavior is one repetition.
languageThe attribute language allows you to specify the dialect (language and locale) of voice. See below for all language specifications.

Action Child / Action Tag/ Noun

Action ChildDescription
plain text